Our Golden Jubilee, 1967-2017

Remembering is a natural process that takes place all the time.  There are however certain occasions that spark off a conscious and collective act of remembrance.  For us in CLC, one such occasion was the recent celebration of 450 years as a Lay Ignatian Community.  Now we prepare to celebrate 50 years of another landmark in 2017.  The 4th Assembly of the World Federation of Marian Congregations took place in Rome in October 1967.  At this Assembly, the delegates approved the General Principles and adopted the name Christian Life Community.  This marked a key step towards rediscovering Ignatian Spirituality and affirming the lay character of our community.  As we approach the Golden Jubilee of that event, we invite you to remember your CLC journey as an individual and as a national community. Email us for a copy of Projects 166 to read more about this important celebration for our national community.


Photos from Regensburg Meeting